It was just another hot summer day in the city of New Delhi as the sun gleamed right through my curtains. I was woken up with the usual voice of my mother to which I wish there was a snooze button. After 10 minutes of whining I finally decided to get up and put my mother out of her misery. I dragged myself towards the sink to wash my face…. Oh boy! What a sight it was everyday. The struggle of not falling asleep in the bathroom is real! I quickly slipped into my uniform and ran as fast as lighting to the car hoping that I wont be late yet again with my half-eaten breakfast in my right hand and my school bag on my shoulder (which was obviously not packed). I sat in the car, took a deep breath, plugged in my headphones and my mind started to wonder about a topic that is stuck to my brain like a piece of gum on a shoe……. COLLEGE! I am one out of a gazillion teenagers who has this particular topic fixated on their minds. It all starts at the very age of 4 in Kindergarten, when your teachers ask you what you want to become in life.

At that point the sky is your limit, say whatever you like, whatever makes you happy. Well if I had an opportunity to go back in time and give a piece of advice to my 4 year old self I would probably say, “Don’t say anything! It’s a trap!” But that’s just a mere thought as we all know time traveling is just fiction. What I actually said was that I want to be a Princess. Why I said it, because I loved playing dress-up – as simple as that. Nobody ever bothered to question me.

Then as I entered Junior School the influence of television changed my young impressionable mind. I remember wanting to be a singer because I was obsessed with the show “Hannah Montana.” And believe me when I say, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to be a dazzling pop-star singing on a stage.

Middle school, that’s the stage when your parents start thinking that the profession you decide now, you might actually pursue. And then come in the endless opinions from your next-door neighbor to your naive friends. I recall saying to myself that its alright, I’m just in class 7, I have a long way to go, but I was wrong. In class 8, I would always look up to my father and was always in awe of what he did, which was manufacturing garments. Obviously I never gave a second look to the word ‘manufacture’ but always loved the creative side of it.

In Senior School you are more focused, you are more certain about what you want to do. In class 9, I had decided my choice of career, which was Design. My parents have always given me the liberty to choose my profession and never questioned me about it, but that doesn’t stop the others from doing so.

Class 10 was another such year, speaking to teachers in school, visiting counselors, debating on whether to go abroad for higher studies and even making spring break plans with my friends (obviously just an imaginary trip). And how can I forget the most stressful part – deciding my subjects for class 11. Certain people in the society are very opinionated and try to force their views upon us. We should learn from our experiences and trust our instincts. It is a challenging task for a 17 year old to make such an important decision with such biased views present in this ‘modern’ world.

From being in Kindergarten to now in class 12, I still see sky as the limit with endless opportunities in every direction. Though growing up, I have learnt that there will always be a struggle to get to the next stage in life. We should grab these opportunities with both our hands and learn from these experiences and grow as in individual.




Hey there!

This is probably my happy place……..In my blue nike shoes with my music on and without a care in the world. Somehow seeing the faces of strangers is calmer than seeing those you actually know. In fact I start thinking about what a person’s story could be every time I cross them. The calm blue sky makes me wonder about so many things in life and if it will all really workout in the end. I think of the future and where I want to be & what i want to be doing and it suddenly seems not that far away, It seems achievable and it only wants to make me work harder towards it.

Anyways, whats your happy place? let me know.

always,                                                                                                                                                                                                 xxx